1. I like what I see, I’m just not sure where to begin

•    YOU ARE HERE - Go to www.eprocure.co.za.
•    Click “free trial”
•    Fill in the short user registration form and click “Register”
•    The wizard guides you through a short setup – we will gladly assist at any time
•    You are ready to begin!

2. I am happy to use eprocure after the trial period, what do I do next?




3, Am I signing up to a long-term contract?

•    There are NO long-term contracts whatsoever.
•    After your free-trial, your contract is on a month-to-month basis.
•    To account for the service levels provided and the back-up of data for ease of future reference, we ask all customers to please furnish us with a 30-day notice period.

4. Do I need to upgrade any of my hardware to accommodate eprocure?

•    eprocure is completely cloud-based and uses a simple web interface.
•    You require absolutely zero additional spend on ANY hardware or software.
•    Just ensure you have a reasonable internet connection speed for a good user experience.

5. What if I don’t sign and return the debit order form?


6. What if I’m not sure how to use the provision wizard can I get help?


  • Our consultants will gladly assist you with the provision wizard.
  • The free trial comes with a lot of pre-populated information to help you get started immediately.



7. How many vendors can I create?


  • There is no limit to the number of users and vendors that you may create.
  • You only pay extra for each additional approver in your procurement setup.




9. Where do I add my company’s logo?



8. Does eprocure integrate automatically into my accounting package?


  • The purpose of eprocure is to give businesses the chance to eliminate paper and streamline their procurement processes.
  • The cost-competitive nature of eprocure does not allow for integration to ERP and accounting packages.


10. How do I backup all my purchase order data?



  • There is no need to backup all your procurement data.
  • It is stored in a secure cloud-based repository, backed up to our high-tech data centres at Diametrix.


11. How secure is all my data on expenditure, vendors, projects and budgets?

  • All eprocure data is secured on-line through Thawte security.
  • It remains completely secure against any and all possibilities of data becoming compromised.

12. What happens if all my IT systems “crash”?



  • All your procurement information is backed up on a daily basis.
  • Any hardware malfunctions can result in data being retrieved effortlessly via any other access medium – this is the advantage of eprocure as a cloud-based system. 


13. What happens to my data the day I decide to cancel my eprocure subscription?



  • All data will be backed up to a flash memory stick and handed back to you along with confirmation of cancellation of your contract and related debit order.